The Use of Artificial Intelligence for Translation

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the intelligence that is displayed by a non-human or man-made entity, which could be in the form of a machine, robot or software. The history of artificial intelligence can be traced back to 1956, when research scholars of the Dartmouth College created programs to enable computers to solve problems in Algebra, Logic and even speak English, which was the first of its kind. With time, computers are learning to see the world to a great extent like we do. The concept has without doubt, taken a phenomenal leap from there, and today we have research being conducted to effectively use Artificial Intelligence in order to make language translation as accurate as possible.

Anybody who has had a stint with Google-Translated Version of Chinese Translation, and the services of a reputed Chinese Translator in Delhi would immediately start speaking about the vast difference in terms of quality, authenticity and ambiguity. Since machines cannot understand the fine nuances and connotations of languages as humans do, the instances of errors in online translation tools is quite high. Taking this into account, a technological research team at Stanford has strived towards the creation of a translation tool that merges machine translation capabilities with artificial intelligence. Not only will this new platform be able to provide more nuanced and accurate translations, it will also provide a common interface for humans and online tools to work together, combining both of their expertise for the best results.

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A representative from TridIndia, the leading provider of Chinese Translation Services in Delhi has voiced his opinion about this breakthrough research, and feels that the outcome will definitely boost the productivity of the language services fraternity.

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